Relationships How blushing and anxiety affects how we relate

Have you been trying to start a relationship with no success? Are you that person who is still single and you think you have done everything right to deserve a good partner or are you that person who just finds it hard to maintain a relationship? I think I have an answer to your problem, your facial expressions and internal feelings are to blame! I write this article to show you how too much anxiety and physical blushing can tend to negatively interfere with your relationship, even before you have started one!

Blushing is a response caused by our likely hood of being embarrassed and humiliated. Blushing is mostly caused by worrying about being the center of attention. It is a way of communicating and exposing our inner feelings. When you are ashamed and humiliated, you tend to blush off as you try to communicate your feelings. These kind of facial expressions tend to portray us as people with low self-esteem and people who are not sure about what they are doing. This perception about us by people, always make it hard for us to relate with people well as they don’t regard us as normal human beings, but some sort of inferior people who can never be anything ‘more’ to them apart from just a colleague or a classmate. This makes it very hard to even start a relationship with anyone as they don’t even give us time to speak out our feelings. If you are lucky enough to start something with anyone, you are likely to get dumped as soon as they realize what sort of person you are.

Blushing and anxiety hinder us from communicating our feelings well. We tend to worry so much about what our partners will think about us rather than concentrating on how to effectively deliver our message. This makes us deliver some sub-standard information. Good friendships can only be built by proper and effective communication. With no good communication, you can never be able to start and maintain a friendship as your partner will never know what you really want. You also need to tell someone that you are interested in them and that you want to start a friendship with them. Otherwise, they will never know and will never notice you!

We can never really hide what we feel about ourselves. Our feelings are always exposed by our reactions and people always take us just the way we portray ourselves. A good friendship can never be built by fear. Anxiety occurs as a result of fear as we worry about our future with our partners. In so doing, we forget about what we should really be worrying in a relationship and instead, try to dispel our fears by bringing up issues. This might form a basis for trouble with our partners as they might not see why we are always trying to make a big deal out of even the pettiest issues!

What you really need to work on is your perception and the way you think about yourself. If you value yourself, you will never be worried about losing your partner or what other people might think about you.

Now you know what you have not been doing right all along, it is time to go and make that relationship work!

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